Barre & Tonic at Damson Hill Cottage.

You can’t beat a good B&T on a Friday evening. At Damson Hill Cottage we firmly believe in finishing the working week with the kind of workout that sets you up for the weekend - and that’s why we came up with BARRE & TONIC. This is a feel-good, 45 minute class on a Friday evening that will help to gear you up for an evening out, or provide some 'me time' before a hectic weekend. It’s a Barre class, which is a dynamic workout using Pilates and Ballet principles combined with strength training, specially designed to relax and energise. Class numbers are limited to five so it’s also a chance to meet some lovely like-minded people at our Damson Hill studio. Victoria will serve up a delicious home-made tonic to finish and you can toast the weekend ahead in true Damson Hill Cottage style.


Each B&T session is £20 and they take place once a month, always on a Friday. Why not book one up as a special treat for a friend, as a reward after a particularly taxing week, or get a group together and book a session to get you in the mood for a night out? If you are a private group then I can accommodate you on a different Friday and time to suit you too.

For all Barre & Tonic sessions, you can book via our online system. Or get in touch to find out more. 

Barre & Tonic
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UPCOMING SESSIONS from approx 6.30pm (followed by G&T and healthy nibbles) happy to start later to suit you, or pick another Friday too! :
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