Barre Workouts at Damson Hill Cottage.

Our BARRE CLASSES are ballet inspired classes which use balance, resistance, stretch and strengthening exercises to tone, increase flexibility and improve core strength. Integral to this workout is the ballet bare itself which provides support. Elements of Pilates and Yoga are also incorporated plus small, deliberate movements which focus on specific muscle groups. There’s no need for any previous dance experience and classes are suitable for any fitness level. All Barre classes provide an excellent all-over workout with minimal impact on the joints - and they’re lots of fun! Class numbers are limited to five so there’s plenty of opportunity for one to one input and Victoria will tailor the exercises to suit your ability.


Our Barre classes are £14 each and last for an hour. Barre is a dynamic workout using Pilates and Ballet principles combined with strength training, specially designed to tone and energise. Classes are limited to 5 people and booked up front per half term.

For Barre classes, you can book via our online system. Or get in touch to find out more. 

Barre - Autumn Term
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CLASS TIMES: Tuesdays 8 - 9pm | Fridays 10.45 - 11.45am (term time only). No class Friday 20th September.
PRICE: £14 per class. Only 5 people per class. You pay for a half term upfront. 

At Damson Hill Cottage we firmly believe in finishing the working week with the kind of workout that sets you up for the weekend - and that’s why we came up with BARRE & TONIC. B&T is a feel-good, 45 minute class on a Friday evening that will help to gear you up for an evening out, or provide some 'me time' before a hectic weekend. It’s a Barre class with up to 5 people, finishing up with a delicious homemade gin & tonic (or non-alcoholic tonic). Each B&T session is £20 and they take place once a month. Why not get a group together and book a session? If you do then you can choose another Friday than those listed below, and even a time that suits you more.

For all Barre & Tonic sessions, you can book via our online system. Or get in touch to find out more. 

Barre & Tonic
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UPCOMING SESSIONS From approx 6.30pm (followed by G&T and healthy nibbles) or pick a time (or even another Friday) to suit you :
| Friday 13th September | Friday 11th October | Friday 8th November | Friday 13th December |