The Woodland Workout at Damson Hill Cottage.

THE WOODLAND WORKOUT is geared towards those who enjoy being in the great outdoors, whatever the weather. In the grounds of Damson Hill Cottage, Victoria incorporates a variety of elements into the workout, from press ups and burpees to boxing and core stability. Interspersed with plenty of squats, lunges, and hill runs the sessions consist of interval training and circuits, using the incline of the grounds to help elevate the heart rate.


The main part of the class is ‘HIIT’ (High Intensity Interval Training) which means short bursts of intense exercise – 30 to 60 seconds with short rests in between. The exercises incorporate weights as well as cardio which increases fitness and muscle tone as well as maximising calorific burn. Using a variety of equipment including boxing gloves & focus pads, medicine balls, bands, our eco weights (bottles of sand!), benches, TRX suspension and more, the Woodland Workout increases stamina, strength, endurance, energy and weight loss. With plenty of group solidarity during the class and a good chance to chat over herbal tea and homemade nibbles afterwards, it’s well worth trying out. Why not give us a call to book a session?

Woodland Workout
from 5.00
Class time:
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CLASS TIMES: Tuesdays 9.30-10.30am (term time only) | Fridays 9.30am-10.30am (term time only)| Saturdays 8.00-9.00am (throughout the year but just double check if you are new!)
PRICE: £10 per class | children 11 - 16 £5 and under 11 are free. You can pay as you go or book and pay for a half term upfront - whatever suits you.

Babies and children are welcome but are parent’s responsibility throughout. Please dress according to the weather - outdoor gloves can be purchased at the class for 50p. Mats are supplied but please bring water.